Watch Bishop Charlie and Archdeacon Dan Gifford briefly discuss our Harvest Task Force and the work they are doing.

The Diocesan Bishop, with the support of Synod 2018 Motion #5 (which you can read here), has established the Harvest Task Force (HTF). The objective of the HTF is to bring forward recommendations that will address the current challenges and opportunities to the Gospel mission of ANiC. 


The mandate of the HTF is to bring recommendations to the ANiC council and the Synod addressing the hindrances to Gospel mission due to the weight and scope of responsibilities placed on one Diocesan Bishop, as well as opportunities to strengthen our mission to people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 



The HTF will consist of 3 members who will be appointed by the Diocesan Bishop. The ANiC office will provide staff support for the work of the task force. In addition, ad hoc sub-committees may be established to assist with specific tasks and will report to the HTF.
Appointed Members:

Archdeacon Dan Gifford — St. John’s Vancouver, BC (Mover of the motion and Chair of the task force)

Joyce Lee — Good Shepherd Church, Vancouver, BC

Archdeacon Darrell Critch — Good Samaritan, St. John’s, Newfoundland (Seconder of the motion)


Task force meetings and travel expenses will be reimbursed up to $10,000.

Objectives and Timeline

  • Encourage a time of discernment on this mandate for all bishops, clergy and congregations.

  • Review the “Beyond a Lifeboat” proposal and assess the feedback already received.

  • Clarify current challenges and opportunities for the Gospel mission of ANiC.

  • Research and consider options that would address the current challenges and opportunities facing ANiC.

  • Invite input on these issues from all bishops, clergy and congregations.

  • Provide regular status reports throughout the process to the Diocesan Bishop

  • Prepare a draft report and recommendation to be circulated, first to the House of Bishops then to all clergy and congregations for feedback.

  • Review feedback collected and make amendments as appropriate to the draft report.

  • Present the draft report and recommendations to the ANiC Council in September 2019. 

  • Present the final report to the annual synod in November 2019. 


Communication is obviously a priority for the task force throughout this process. One of their main objectives is to research and review challenges churches all across ANiC are facing in the pursuit of more effective Gospel mission.

Each church has been sent a questionnaire from the task force with opportunity for the clergy and synod delegates to answer some of those questions for their church. Every ANiC church is asked to submit one completed questionnaire to the ANiC office ( by March 14, 2019.

However, we have also provided a form below, if any member of an ANiC church would like to share their own personal thoughts about how we might further gospel mission more effectively:

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Church Name and City
What are your thoughts about challenges, opportunities and structure for ANiC as we pursue more effective Gospel mission?