Asian & Multicultural Ministries


The Asian & Multicultural Ministries in Canada (AMMiC) – a ministry of the Anglican Network in Canada launched in November 2009 – is a mission to facilitate the development and growth of Asian and multicultural Christian churches in Canada at a time when the country is experiencing phenomenal growth of visibly minority populations, particularly Asian immigrants. The most neglected of these Asian immigrants are:


  • The many marginalized immigrants with poor language skills and low-paying jobs
  • The growing number of transnational mainland Chinese satellite families

AMMiC seeks to ground and nurture the multicultural and Asian-Canadian Christian communities in the Biblical faith as they face the challenges posed by western secularism and post-modernism and wrestles with the meaning and significance of their cultural heritage.

AMMiC also seeks to build partnerships among Asian-Canadian churches in order to mutually enrich, support and challenge one another in Gospel witness.



To facilitate the growth of Asian- and Multicultural Canadian churches, being part of the body of Christ in Canada and beyond, testifying to Jesus Christ in Canadian culture and reaching out to the unreached, while firmly rooted in the Biblical faith, employing the historical theological reflection, and reflecting the pastoral understanding.



  1. To set up an Asian-Canadian Church Research Centre to conduct ecclesiological, pastoral, historical and social research that will facilitates the future development of Asian churches in Canada
  2. To function as a resource centre and regularly hold conferences and training to equip and nurture clergy, pastors and laity.
  3. To form mission partnerships with churches in the Asian Anglican provinces by sending short term mission teams and providing leadership internships in order to experience the transforming power of the Gospel in God’s wider Kingdom.



The ministry is headed by Bishop Stephen Leung, rector of Church of the Good Shepherd, an Anglican Network in Canada church in Vancouver which ministers to the city’s large Chinese community. 

A Council oversees the AMMiC ministry, giving direction and providing governance with executive personnel and volunteer workers.