Canon Tom Carman has prepared a Liturgical Calendar for Year A – 2019/2020 based on the ACNA Lectionary. It provides the day of the church year, liturgical colour, readings, Collect and Proper Preface for any given Sunday and the Major Holy Days. In addition he has created a digital calendar that may added to most smartphone, tablet and computer calendar apps as a subscription or imported. 

iPhone and iPad users add this subscription into a new calendar on your device:


Instructions may be found here.

Google Calendar and Android users add this subscription to your device:

  1. Open your Google Chrome Browser and go to

  2. In the panel at the left-hand side click the + sign beside Other Calendars.  

  3. Click on From URL and paste this link into the field that appears,


  4. Click the Add Calendar button.  You will now see a new calendar subscription under Other Calendars.  You can change the name in settings to something more user friendly, like ACNA Liturgical Calendar 2020 or whatever you like.  You can also assign a colour of your choosing so that it stands out from other events.  

Calendar ICS

Please Note: It is recommended that you create a new ‘Calendar’ in your Calendar app first and import the ICS file into the new calendar. This allows you to set a distinctive colour for these events and delete the calendar file easily at the end of the year.