Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada (ARDFC)


The Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada (ARDFC) is a Canadian global aid agency that works in close partnership with the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC).

ARDFC together with the Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF) comprise the global relief and development arm of our province, the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). In 2012, we welcomed ARDF-Australia(ARDFA) to the ARDF network.


ARDFC's mission

ARDFC undertakes carefully selected and monitored relief and development projects with partner dioceses in developing nations, to relieve poverty, 
provide food and other necessities of life, as well as provide training to
improve skills in healthcare, agriculture and irrigation, and to advance the Christian faith. 


ARDFC’s distinctives

At the Anglican Relief & Development Fund Canada (ARDFC), we believe that Christ’s command to love our neighbours as ourselves is integrally linked to His commission to go into all the world and make disciples. 

When you support ARDFC projects, you can be confident that your gift will make a real and lasting difference in the lives of people in developing countries. You also have the assurance that ARDFC projects have been thoroughly researched and are carefully monitored to ensure objectives are being met. And you will know that your gift will help an Anglican diocese in the Global South meet often desperate needs in its communities. 

When ARDFC takes on projects, it establishes direct partnerships with the Global South dioceses that will implement each of these life-changing missions. 
Since ARDFC is a registered Canadian Charity, it can issue receipts for Canadian income tax purposes.


ARDFC projects

ARDFC projects are selected from those approved by  global Anglican leaders.

In order to be selected, projects must be:

  • local ventures in the Global South with high impact results that provide permanent life changes

  • well researched and provide measureable goals and results

  • administered through the local Global South Anglican Diocese

Cuban Partnerships


The Cuba Partnerships 2019 Video

A number of ANiC congregations have partnered with Cuban congregations planted by Bishop Charlie and Claudia Dorrington of our sister diocese in the ACNA, the Reformed Episcopal Church of Western Canada and Alaska. Because of the poverty in Cuba these church plants require outside assistance which these ANiC congregations have eagerly provided. However opportunities remain for more ANiC churches to partner with these growing Cuban churches and their church planters.

In an effort to become more self-sufficient, church members in Cuban are working hard on the churches' farm and a couple of other income generating projects, but these are still in their infancy. 

In 2017, the Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada is fundraising for the purchase of a van which will be used by the missionary district in Cuba both for internal needs and to generate income for the churches.

Another mission trip to encourage the Cuban churches is planned for May 26 - June 5 2017. 



The Rev Barclay Mayo, Abbotsford BC
Phone: 604-815-8309


Anglicans for Life Canada

Anglicans for Life Canada is a pastoral ministry dedicated to the biblical foundations of upholding the Sanctity of Human Life. Anglicans for Life Canada provides biblically based programs and support to assist Anglican churches to compassionately apply God's Word when addressing life issues.

For more information, please contact the ministry directly:

Anglicans For Life Canada
Suite 146 2186 Mountain Grove Ave
Burlington, Ontario L7P 4X4

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