We are committed to church planting, and raising up well-equipped church planting leaders.


Every ANiC congregation is expected to be thinking about planting another congregation out of their church family. Ultimately, by the grace of God, ANiC intends to plant a church in every major city across Canada. To help us achieve these ambitious church planting goals, we have partnered with the church planting network Multiply (formerly C2C Network). You can learn more about Multiply’s 10 Best Practices intended to eliminate church plant failure on their website.


Writing for a Multiply publication, Bishop Charlie Masters stated:
"As a new denominational partner, we in the Anglican Network in Canada count ourselves blest to be part of the C2C Network. This church planting movement is founded solidly on the word of God, and is passionate to preach the Gospel to all people, knowing that salvation is found only in Jesus. The generous, humble servants of the Lord in C2C Network are constant and vigilant in desperate prayer that the Lord of the harvest would multiply labourers for the harvest all across Canada. The success of C2C’s ten best practices in developing healthy church plants, as we have observed, is because of its clear commitment to the authority of the Bible, the power of the Gospel, and the life of Prayer."


Thinking about church growth and planting new congregations, Bishop Charlie asks clergy and congregations to ask some questions:

  • Is your congregation talking and praying about planting another congregation out of your church family in the future?

  • What could you do better to retain members? Do you follow-up with people whose attendance has dropped off?

  • How do you welcome and draw newcomers into the life of the church?

  • Does your website effectively invite newcomers to your church?

  • Do you plan your services with newcomers in mind?

  • Do you make the way of salvation clear each Sunday and invite people to discuss their questions with you?



Canon Alastair Sterne

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