At our upcoming synod in Abbotsford, BC we have some significant changes to the structure of ANiC that will be proposed and considered. Because of the size and scope of the proposal we want to give our churches and, in particular, our synod delegates ample opportunity to process and consider the details before we gather in November at Synod 2018 in Abbotsford.

Our bishops have come to one mind and do wish to commend this proposal to synod for consideration. However, we want to emphasize that this is simply a proposal. It is up to synod to determine if it is something we are being called by the Lord to pursue or not. Our bishops, archdeacons and executive council have pursued it only so far as to be able to present to synod a potentially viable proposal, while we seek together to be as fruitful as possible for the sake of the gospel.


We’ve given the proposal the working title “Beyond a Lifeboat” in reference to the important role we have played as a people over the last ten years, providing a safe home—a lifeboat, if you will—for faithful, orthodox Anglicans. And, while still serving in that capacity, we also want to grow in our focus and ability to mobilize for new and thriving ministry across our vast continent. We want to be not only a lifeboat of survivors, but an ever more mobilized, mission-oriented people, moving forward boldly and effectively with gospel ministry. This proposal seeks to present a way that may further that goal.


With this in mind, we’ve prepared several documents to lay out the details, research and thought processes of the proposal. We have two available for download below. The first is a simple, three-fold pamphlet highlighting the basic information of the proposal: what, why, where, how, when. The second document is much more detailed and presents much of the groundwork and research that has been done thus far.

^ updated 09/26/18
^ updated 10/09/18

Pre-Synod Information Meetings

As well as the information documents above, we are planning two information gatherings about the proposal before Synod 2018. One will be in Vancouver, BC and the other in Burlington, ON. Bishop Charlie and Bishop Ron Ferris will host those meetings, present the proposal and address some of the questions that have been submitted. Details about the gatherings are below.

For those unable to attend in person we will be streaming the meeting in Burlington live online on our YouTube channel. You will also be able to watch it any time after the event has concluded.

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Good Shepherd, Vancouver

7:00 pm PDT

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

St. George’s, Burlington

1:00 pm EDT

*to be live-streamed

The proposal was presented on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at St. George’s Burlington and the gathering was recorded. You can view it below along with a question and answer period held afterwards. We were very grateful (and continue to be) for the excellent questions and comments submitted using the form below. Due to time constraints we could not address them all directly in this presentation however please know that each have been read, will be seriously considered and play a role in the continued refinement of this proposal and future presentations.

Submit Questions

We are welcoming your questions! They will help us as greatly as we seek to move forward and consider this proposal. We will attempt to answer each of them and may include them in our information meetings or in further updates to our proposal presentation. You can submit your questions using the form below.

We have sought to answer as many questions as possible in the information documents, so we encourage you to read through them before submitting your question.

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