We want ANiC members to be equipped to humbly and intelligently handle the Bible, and for ANiC churches to be Gospel-centered communities where there is strong Bible teaching from the pulpit and within small groups and ministries. 


The vision for the Biblically Grounded priority is to know God’s Word and be so steeped in it that it brings us collectively and continually to repent of our sin, fall more deeply in love with Jesus, and grow closer to the heart of God. We need to understand and be convicted of the sufficiency and authority of God’s word; we need to submit to it; and we need to learn how to handle it rightly and skillfully, to encourage and strengthen one another. 

To that end, the Biblically Grounded priority team hope to

  • Establish ongoing preaching and teaching training for clergy.

  • Establish ongoing teaching training for small group and ministry leaders.

  • Ensure that all ANiC Ordinands have a strong understanding of biblical authority, how to rightfully and skillfully handle the Bible and an understanding and ability in expository preaching.

  • Provide ANiC parishes with good biblical resources for self-study.

The Team

Canon George Sinclair (Leader)

Rev Anson Ann

Joanne Giesbrecht

Jan Hobbis