The Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) is a diocese in the Anglican Church in North America and part of the global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, which affirms the Jerusalem Declaration.


Members of the Anglican Network in Canada embrace Anglican orthodoxy – the biblically-faithful, authentically-Anglican way of following Jesus and being part of the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”. This orthodoxy is defined by and centered on the classic formularies – or foundational principles of the Anglican tradition in Canada. We also long for the restoration of Christian unity in the Spirit of truth and are working to ensure orthodox Anglicans can remain a part of the global Anglican Communion.


Our mission is: Building Biblically faithful, Gospel sharing, Anglican churches


Will you prayerfully consider joining us?


The Anglican Network in Canada is comprised of our member congregations. Individuals are part of ANiC by virtue of being members of an ANiC congregation. If you believe God is calling your congregation to consider membership in ANiC, please review our membership information.

Applying for Membership in ANiC

If you are a new or established congregation – large or small – and are interested in joining ANiC, please follow the process laid out below.

  1. Learn – Refer to the ANiC website, where you will find documents, reports and references, which will provide information on why ANiC was formed, what we stand for, and details on our Governance Structure.

  2. Discern – Spend time in prayer and discernment – now and throughout the application process.

  3. Connect – At least one meeting should take place with ANiC’s Regional Bishop to discuss your interest in ANiC. If after meeting you and the bishop agree about your congregation pursuing membership, you should review the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU - See below) appropriate for your congregation. (Discuss with the bishop which MOU is appropriate.) The MOUs outlines conditions of membership.

  4. Apply – If you wish to express formal interest in becoming a member of ANiC, a letter requesting membership should be sent to ANiC’s Regional Bishop, with a copy to ANiC’s head office. The letter should include:

    a. Information on the congregation seeking membership (history, reasons for wishing to join ANiC, ministries, vision for the future, and size and demographic profile)

    b. Confirmation that members of the congregation are in full agreement with ANiC’s theological stand. The Regional Bishop will then discuss your application with ANiC’s Moderator and House of Bishops. If your application is approved you will receive a conditional acceptance.

  1. MOU – Formal acceptance by ANiC will be provided after a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is signed and you have complied with the conditions outlined in that MOU. Contact the ANiC office for the appropriate MOU form. The signed MOU is to be forwarded to the ANiC office administrator.
  1. Motion – In the case of an established parish, a motion to join ANiC must be approved by a formal meeting of parish members. A written copy of this motion must be provided to ANiC along with the completed MOU.
  1. Welcome – ANiC’s moderator will send your congregation a letter to welcome to the ANiC family.

If you need information or assistance at any stage of this process, please contact the ANiC office administrator, at or call 1-866-351-2642.

Memorandum of Understanding

A memorandum of understanding formalizes the agreement between ANiC and its members. ANiC has identified four types of congregations and local ministries. Each has a different Memorandum of Understanding: • Parish • Church plant • Project • Mission

Generally speaking
A Project is a small, forming congregation which may or may not meet regularly on Sundays and likely does not have a full-time clergy person.

A Church plant has become financially viable, meets regularly on Sundays, employs a full or part-time pastor licenced by ANiC, has a governance structure, has obtained appropriate insurance, and has implemented needed financial controls.

A Parish has become incorporated, has received charitable tax status, and has annual general members’ (vestry) meetings.

A Mission is focused on community service ministries, rather than congregational development.

MOUs may be requested from the ANiC office.


If you are ordained and are considering becoming licenced in ANiC, please contact the Archdeacon for your area.

If you are not yet ordained but are interested in becoming ordained in ANiC read below:

Postulants & the Ordination Process

Information for those inquiring about ordination in ANiC

  1. To be ordained within ANiC you must have been an Anglican within ANiC for at least 2 years. This includes those who are joining ANiC from other Denominations.
  2. You must be in regular attendance at an ANiC Parish. This means that you are on the parish register, involved in the life of the parish community and known to the Rector.

There are 15 steps to be fulfilled before reaching ordination. It involves a long period when you will be thoroughly tested and examined in a variety of ways. For more detains see Ordination Process.

Moderator’s examining chaplains for candidates for ordination: 

The Venerable Paul Crossland (chair)

The Venerable Michael McKinnon

The Very Reverend Dr Archie Pell

The Venerable Desiree Stedman


See ACNA approved seminaries


Since ANiC congregations are not always close to everyone wishing to identify with ANiC, individuals may affiliate by signing up to receive ANiC newsletters, prayer material, letters from our bishops and other communication materials.