Bible in a Day Seminar


As disciples of Jesus Christ we need to be students of God’s Word.  But the Bible can be daunting and at times puzzling.  This seminar, offered by ANiC clergy, helps participants understand the big story of Scripture – a story in which we all participate. It is a concise way of exploring the Bible to better understand – chronologically and theologically – the main movements of the Biblical narrative.

The seminar goal is to give participants a framework for their own spiritual growth, for further reading and study, for better understanding sermons and Bible studies, for explaining the story of the Bible – and Christianity – to the people in their life.  Bible-in-a-day looks at the key people, events, dialogue and narrative that communicate God’s grand plan and purpose to people in every age.  

For more information and to schedule a seminar in your community, see the Bible-in-a-day seminar 

Contact: The Rev Sean Love

Prayer seminars

Pursuing Intimacy with God: A seminar on prayer
The Rev Garth Hunt, ANiC’s Bishop’s Prayer Support Chaplain, is offering a prayer seminar to ANiC parishes entitled, “Pursuing Intimacy with God”. The seminar, which can be adapted to suit a parish’s needs, draws on solid theology to help people enrich their prayer life in very practical ways. It is designed to help Christians understand their identity in Christ and be comfortable and expectant in God’s presence. 

For information or to book the seminar, contact Garth at: 
1-866-351-2642 extension 4018

See the prayer ministry brochure.

Men's Ministry


ANiC’s prayer coordinator, the Rev Garth Hunt, offers a weekend seminar for men of all ages that will encourage men to reach for all that God has created and called them to be as sons, husbands, fathers, brothers and, yes, men of God. 

The seminar, Rise Up O Men of God, is encouraging without being intimidating and is a safe place for guys to consider all that God has designed them to be. So many of us live out our lives missing God’s best because we consider ourselves unworthy or disqualified by choices we have made in the past. Also many of us are lonely, experiencing no significant fellowship with other brothers who are walking the same path.

For more information and to book the seminar, see the seminar brochure and contact Garth at:
1-866-351-2642 extension 4018

Building Spiritually Healthy Parishes


—Parish ministries offered by the Venerable Paul Crossland—


No one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch tears away from the garment, and a worse tear is made. Neither is new wine put into old wineskins. If it is, the skins burst and the wine is spilled and the skins are destroyed. But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved.” 
Matthew 9:16-17 ESV

Archdeacon Paul Crossland is available to lead parish renewal and teaching sessions designed to lead churches in discovering how to release the new wine of the Holy Spirit into new wine skins and thereby nurture healthy, dynamic and growing parishes – and parishioners! 

Vital signs of a healthy parish

This full weekend of teaching and workshops is designed to help transform a parish into an evangelizing community, a church that God can use for spiritual growth, evangelism and social outreach. The “vital signs” that are covered include: 

  • A parish vision
  • A growing ministry of lay people
  • Outreach ministries, including evangelism
  • Becoming a warm, welcoming church
  • Incorporating new members into the community of faith through small group ministry
  • A willingness to experiment with new forms of worship
  • An openness to the new wine of the Holy Spirit and experiencing a personal release of God’s Spirit for ministry
  • A look at spiritual gifts (could also include a gift identification exercise)
  • Stewardship and generous giving
  • Intentional youth ministry
  • Prayer – the prelude to every parish decision
  • Preaching and teaching – “scratching people where they are itching”



These four sessions encourage parishioners to move on from being “Sunday church-goers” to become seven-day-a-week disciples of Christ. The talks consider: 

  1. The making of a Christian disciple
  2. The marks of a Christian disciple
  3. The ministry of a Christian disciple 
  4. The witness of a Christian disciple 


The three conversions in the Christian life

This series of three talks deals with the three basic conversions in the Christian life:

  1. The Call to Christ
  2. The Call to Christian Community
  3. The Call to Mission

Each talk could be followed by small group discussions with questions provided.
The person, power and release of the Holy Spirit
This solid, biblical reflection extends over two or three sessions followed by prayer ministry for a further release of the Spirit’s power and presence.


This two-part workshop focuses on the motive, message and biblical foundations of evangelism and is designed to encourage and equip parishioners to comfortably and naturally share the Good News. The teaching also explores personal (or friendship) evangelism and provides some practical guidelines. This course is comprised of two, 40-minute teaching sessions, each followed by a time in small groups and/or a question period. 

Shorter sessions

Ministry weekends can be customized by combining any of following subjects with one of the longer series (above) or with others of the short sessions depending on your parish’s particular needs.

  • Bible Studies that attract people – approximately 90 minutes of teaching that demonstrates how to conduct a small-group, non-threatening form of Bible study. 
  • Parish leadership styles conducive to growth – approximately 40 minutes of teaching followed by time for questions and group discussion.
  • The ministry of divine healing – approximately 40 minutes of teaching followed by time for questions and group discussion. 
  • Spiritual gift identification exercise – approximately one hour of teaching followed by time for questions and group discussion. 
  • Spiritual warfare – approximately 40 minutes of teaching followed by time for questions and group discussion. 
  • Stewardship – approximately 40 minutes of teaching followed by time for questions and group discussion. 
  • Dealing with conflict – approximately 40 minutes of teaching followed by time for questions and group discussion.
  • Prayer – approximately 40 minutes of teaching followed by time for questions and group discussion. 



For more information or to make arrangements, contact Archdeacon Paul by email or by calling 204-725-4683.