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ANiC produces a monthly prayer calendar which you can incorporate in your daily prayer time, as well as a monthly, Biblically based meditation focused on prayer. In addition, the Rev. Canon Garth Hunt, the Bishop’s Canon for Prayer Support, offers ANiC parishes a prayer seminar to enrich parishioners’ relationship with our Lord. Please join us in the fellowship and ministry of prayer.

Prayer Seminars

Rev. Canon Garth Hunt

Rev. Canon Garth Hunt

Pursuing Intimacy with God: A seminar on prayer
The Rev. Canon Garth Hunt, ANiC’s Bishop’s Canon for Prayer Support, is offering a prayer seminar to ANiC parishes entitled, “Pursuing Intimacy with God”. The seminar, which can be adapted to suit a parish’s needs, draws on solid theology to help people enrich their prayer life in very practical ways. It is designed to help Christians understand their identity in Christ and be comfortable and expectant in God’s presence. 

For information or to book the seminar, contact Garth at: 
1-866-351-2642 extension 4018

See the prayer ministry brochure.



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