Ministry Coordinator - St. Peter's Fireside

St. Peter’s Fireside in Vancouver is looking for a full-time Ministry Coordinator.


Job Description - Ministry Coordinator

The primary focus of this role is to lead people into engagement through service. This involves recruiting, equipping, and empowering service teams. These responsibilities include on-boarding new servers, scheduling as well as facilitating trainings for Sunday service teams, and assessing the overall well-being of servers and fostering a healthy culture of service.

The secondary focus is executive and administrative. This includes weekly scheduling and coordinating of all Sunday service teams (except sound technicians, musicians, and kids ministry) and serving as the executive point person on Sundays. They will also curate or gather supporting materials such as weekly service sheets, ProPresenter slides, and Communion supplies. Additionally, the Ministry Coordinator provides administrative support for our finances with our Treasurer.

The third focus of this role is communication. The Ministry Coordinator oversees the church calendar and communication strategy. They will be our resident expert about all that is happening in the life of the church and how to best communicate it to maximize congregational engagement. They will proactively schedule, coordinate, and execute one-time and recurring events in the life of the church. They will creatively write updates, event blurbs, and articles for our blog related to their responsibilities.

Understanding that no area of ministry at St. Peter’s Fireside stands alone, and that all team members lead with a passion for the health of the overall church, the Ministry Coordinator will be called upon to serve in other ministry capacities. The Ministry Coordinator will also assist with other administrative needs related to the church.