Canon Michael Green and Evangelism


Recently Bishop Charlie Masters spoke in his video update about the death of Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Green, and the huge impact his life had had upon him.

Canon Michael was a theologian, author, pastor and Anglican priest from Oxford, England. He was an Honorary Fellow and Senior Research Fellow Wycliffe Hall in Oxford, and taught Evangelism, Apologetics, and New Testament Studies. He also helped Professor Alister McGrath launch the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

Among many other things he was Professor of Evangelism at Regent College, Vancouver for several years. He is the author of more than 50 books, with a special emphasis on the gospel and evangelism through the local church.

If you’re interested in more about Canon Michael Green you can look up his books, or watch a collection of video sermons and interviews here:

Below is a short interview with Canon Michael about “What does it look like when a church is mobilized for evangelism”

Michael Green, Honorary Fellow, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, answers the question "What does it look like when a church is mobilised for evangelism" related to his...