Two Ways to Live

As we seek to become more capable, equipped, confident, bold witnesses to the good news about Jesus, we’re always looking for useful gospel-sharing resources. Here’s a way to explain the gospel from Matthias Media out of Australia. It’s called “Two Ways to Live” and summarizes the Biblical story and gospel message, describing the decision before all of us: to live our own way or to live God’s new way.

We’ve included some snippets and basic structure as a summary below. You can see the full text and illustrations on their website and order a variety of resources, including a pocket edition from their online store:

Two Ways to Live

*This is a shortened summary of the text to show the basic structure.

1. God is a loving ruler of the world.

He made the world.

He made us rulers of the world under him.

But is that the way it is now?

2. We all reject the ruler–God–by trying to run life our own way without him.

But we fail to rule ourselves or society or the world.

We all act like little gods, with our own crowns, competing with one another. The result is misery.

What will God do about this rebellion?

3. God won’t let us rebel forever.

God’s punishment for rebellion is death and judgement.

God’s justice sounds hard. But…

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 3.41.14 PM.png

4. Because of his love, God sent his Son into the world: the man Jesus Christ.

Jesus always lived under God’s rule.

Yet by dying in our place he took our punishment and brought forgiveness.

But that’s not all…

5. God raised Jesus to life again as the ruler of the world.

Jesus has conquered death, now gives new life, and will return to judge.

Well, where does that leave us?

6. The two ways to live

A) Our way:

  • Reject the ruler—God

  • Try to run life our own way


  • Condemned by God

  • Facing death and judgement

B) God’s new way:

  • Submit to Jesus as our ruler

  • Rely on Jesus’ death and resurrection


  • Forgiven by God

  • Given eternal life

We are no longer rebels, but part of God’s own family as his adopted sons and daughters.

Which of these represents the way you want to live?

7. If you know that you are a rebel against God, and would prefer to live his way, the next obvious question is: What can you do about it?

1. The first thing to do is to talk to God.

You could pray something like this:

Dear God,

I know that I am not worthy to be accepted by you. I don’t deserve your gift of eternal life. I am guilty of rebelling against you and ignoring you. I need forgiveness.

Thank you for sending your son to die for me that I may be forgiven. Thank you that he rose from the dead to give me new life.

Please forgive me and change me, that I may live with Jesus as my ruler.


3. Submit to Jesus

The second step, then, is to submit to Jesus and start living with him as your ruler.

(Practices to help: Bible reading, prayer, meeting with other Christians)

3. Keep trusting

We all need to keep looking back to the death of Jesus on the cross as the only grounds for our pardon. We must never stop relying on him—and him alone—as the means by which we are forgiven and granted eternal life.