Rector at Eternal Hope


Eternal Hope Anglican Church in Carleton Place (near Ottawa) is looking for a rector.  This is a part-time position with the hope that it will become a full time position.

Expressions of interest, together with CVs, can be submitted to Archdeacon Tim Parent at

Friday, Feb. 15, 2019 is the deadline for submissions.

Full Description

The people of Eternal Hope are looking for a rector who shares their hope of growing this church and to being a strong Anglican Network presence in this region. The rector will be a person who loves the Lord dearly and who stands on the supremacy of God’s word and the uniqueness, work, and presence of Jesus. This person will have a passion for preaching and for sharing God’s love with those in the parish and beyond. 


Where we are as a church today has been brought about by hard work and commitment of time, energy, finances, and a willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone for the sake of the gospel and for the building up of God’s church. Our prayer is that the new rector would share in this commitment, in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit.


  • The rector will be a man or woman of prayer and as such will encourage a culture of prayer in the parish. 

  • The rector will continue to support spiritual growth and discipleship training through programs such as ALPHA and Bible Studies, a person who is prayerful and Holy Spirit-led to lead the church in community outreach such as youth programs(Sunday school and movie nights for youth), healing programs, men, women and youth bible programs.

  • The rector will help people identify their gifts so as to best serve the Lord in their church and their neighbourhood and lead community focus groups.

  • The rector will discern and ask for help and support from parishioners as needed. 

  • The rector will be accepting of, and comfortable with, sharing ministry in word and sacrament with women ordained to the priesthood. It is very important to the parishioners to have weekly sacramental services.

  • The rector will endeavour to be known and visible in the local community as a means to helping the church grow numerically; visiting the sick, possessing good communication skills to all age groups and promoting spiritual growth.

  • The rector will exemplify in word and deed the purpose and values of Eternal Hope Church; have strong faith and leadership in accordance with the ANIC beliefs; be biblical and sacramental based.



The parishioners of Eternal Hope Church look forward to welcoming a new rector, to forming a loving and godly relationship with said person and to offering our godly support.


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