Kingdom Story Sunday School Curriculum

The Saint Matthew’s Children’s Ministry curriculum is inspired by the Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm. The curriculum seeks to highlight the grand narrative of the Bible, and to show the children that the stories in the Bible are not isolated stories, but together they weave the rich tapestry of the history of God’s people and the unfolding of the Kingdom of God on earth. It includes both Old and New Testament stories that point to and reveal Christ as the Saviour and Promised Forever King.


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5 to 10 years or Kindergarten to Grade 5. Lesson plans can accommodate a small class of 2 children up to a group of 20 students.


Approximately 45 minutes. There is supplemental material to extend the time, if needed.


The curriculum has liturgical components such as Lighting of the Candle and a modified Prayer of Confession. However, the main body of the curriculum can be used by any Christian denomination that seeks to give the children the “bigger picture” of Scripture and God’s eternal plan in Christ. Each of the 28 lessons either point to Jesus as the Promised King, or reveal Jesus, his character, attributes and love.


The Big Picture Story Bible by David Helm.
Scripture references in the stories were taken from The Beginning Reader’s Bible, International Children’s Bible.
Anglican Church in North America, To Be A Christian, An Anglican Catechism



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Each of the 28 lessons have the following components:

1: Teacher’s Notes (Objectives and Catechism connections)
2: Lesson Outline (Overview of lesson time – 45 minutes)
3: Poster Discussion (Poster Picture & Poster Summary)
4: Story and Life Application
5: Response Activities (Kingdom News and other activities) and Memory Verse

The Story (#4 above) is often a short drama which the children can spontaneously participate in, or they can choose to be an active observer. Easy, representational costumes for a few of the Bible characters can be quickly donned, and the lines or simple actions given to any child who volunteers. In this way, children are learning the stories by hearing, seeing, and doing!


(Print as a double sided document)

Each lesson plan has a poster picture that depicts the Bible story. The lesson is introduced by looking at and talking about the poster picture.

The poster summary on the back of the poster contains key elements of the lesson. These elements can serve as a script for the teacher.


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A take-home paper called the Kingdom News is available for each child to share with their family and to communicate the lesson. When printing, choose the double sided short edge and landscape formats.


There is additional material (i.e. colouring pages)


This includes liturgical and prayer elements such as Collect for Purity, Prayer of Confession, the Lord’s Prayer, and Bible Songs.