Family Lenten Project

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Looking for a last minute idea for your family or church this Lent? At Open Gate Church, one of our parishes in Victoria, B.C., Rev. Andrew Hewlett and Rev. Rick Bergh and their wives, Lucy and Erica, have developed a free Lenten program for families you might be interested in.

Here's some details about the project from Pastor Rick:

Do you find it challenging to explain the idea of “Lent” to people?

Here's an exercise to help you nail down how to describe it:

Three questions:

  1. What is the #1 message you want to tell others about Jesus?
  2. What are 4 words that you would use to describe your relationship with Jesus right now?
  3. What would you say to a person who asked you the question, “If you didn’t have Jesus in your life, what would you miss the most?”


The Family Lenten Project helps us to travel the road with Jesus and ask the important questions:

  • Why have I chosen to follow Jesus in my life?
  • What difference has it really made? 


Dig deep and discover and how you might help others discover a fresh, new Jesus.

Why not add the Family Lenten Project to your 40 days of Lent?




Q: So, what exactly is the Lenten Family Project?

A: It’s a combination of the following:

  • 6 Themes that come out of the 6 Gospel lessons from each Sunday in Lent (using the Common Lectionary)
  • A Sunday children’s message to blast off the theme which can be used during the Sunday worship service or at home
  • Daily scripture readings – based on the theme with “I wonder” questions to facilitate further conversation
  • A weekly “Faith Tweak” – a practical application that reinforces the theme in daily living and application
  • A special Lenten Song that comes as an MP3 file and written music (piano part and chords included if you play an instrument). You can sing it together either before or after your family prayer time.


Q: I’m a pastor, parent, Sunday school teacher or grandparent. Will this work for me?

A: Absolutely!

I think we all agree, that we want faith to stick with our children and grandchildren and we are excited when we can build into their faith at any opportunity that is available. You can use this at church, in your home or even pass it on to friends and family who live at a distance. Planting seeds is all our jobs as followers of Jesus.


Q: How will I access the Lenten Family Project?

A: Very easily.

The material is entirely digital. Each Saturday, you will receive a new set of materials that will include all that you need for the next week of Lent (6 weeks = 6 Saturdays). The song will arrive the first time you get the material, which will come this Sunday, February 11.


Q: Who put this together?

A: 4 people who love Jesus

Two of us, Rick and Andrew are pastors with over 50 years of parish ministry experience combined. And our wives, Erica and Lucy are gifted educators and musicians. They shine with their contribution to the project and you will see their creative touch immediately.


Sign Up

You need to let us know soon if you want this during Lent. It’s not something you can start half way through. There is no cost. So say “Yes” by emailing


Pastor Rick

Rick, Erica, Lucy and Andrew

Rick, Erica, Lucy and Andrew

Scott Hunt