Synod is on the move!

Synod 2017 will be hosted by St George's, Burlington, ON. Originally, we'd planned to hold Synod at St Peter & St Paul's Ottawa. But God has made it possible for St Peter & St Paul's to move forward with their long-anticipated building renovation plans. The renovation schedule meant we needed to find a new location for synod. After considering other options in the Ottawa area, we gratefully accepted the gracious offer from St George's Burlington to host this year's synod. 

In originally focusing on Ottawa, we were looking at the symbolism of being in the nation's capital to mark Canada's 150th anniversary. But God in His infinite wisdom has led us to believe there are other reasons why it would be significant for us to be in St Georges, Burlington. 

The St George's building is the first to be constructed from the ground up during the decade since our diocese was formed. How symbolic is that!? As we look to God to build ANiC, St George's serves as both an encouragement and a concrete example of God's goodness and leading. More than that, it was in Burlington in November 2007 that ANiC became an ecclesial body and thus launched what is now the Diocese of the Anglican Network in Canada. 

We – and the people of St George's – look forward to welcoming you to Burlington October 25-27 for our 10th Synod, with Clergy Day on October 24. Please mark your calendars now!

More information will be coming very soon.

NewsKenneth Stevenson