Anglican 4th Day Movement Growing


Anglican 4th Day (A4D), our Province's and our Diocese's version of the well-known Cursillo movement, is established in the Fraser Valley area of BC, with interest growing in Newfoundland. A4D seeks to bring people to Christ, helps Christians grow in discipleship and offers warm fellowship. If you have been through Cursillo or A4D and would like to reengage - or if you are interested in starting an A4D society in your area – email the Rev Rich Roberts or call him at 778-549-4953. 

For those in BC, fall weekend events have been set for both women and men – both at Camp Saturna, Maple Falls in WA. The women's A4D weekend is September 21-24, while the men's is September 28 - October 1. Participation in these weekends requires "sponsorship" for candidates by an A4D member – which can be arranged. On the weekend, you can anticipate sound teaching, spiritual encouragement and renewal, and good fellowship with members of other ANiC parishes as well as members of our sister Cascadia Diocese across the border.

NewsKenneth Stevenson