Dr. J. I. Packer

Theologian Emeritus


Dr. Packer is among the best known and most respected Christian theologians of our time and is considered one of the most influential evangelicals in North America. Originally from Britain, he moved to Canada in 1979 to become Professor of systematic and historical theology at Regent College.

He is a prolific writer and frequent lecturer, but he is best known for his book, Knowing God, which sums up the shared beliefs uniting Christians across denominations He is a frequent contributor to and an executive editor of Christianity Today. Dr. Packer served as General Editor on the team of Biblical scholars involved in the acclaimed English Standard Version translation of the Bible. 

J. I. Packer has been the theologian emeritus of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) since its creation in 2009. He was awarded the St. Cuthbert's Cross at the Provincial Assembly of ACNA in June 2014 for his "unparalleled contribution to Anglican and global Christianity".

Dr. Packer and his wife have three children and live in Vancouver. He enjoys classical as well as early jazz music, railroads and the quintessentially British game of cricket.

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