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God's Big Story (GBS) invites children to enter into the narrative of God's abounding faithfulness and love for all of his beloved children.  Our aim is that children and their teachers might hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and experience the fullness of new life in Christ as part of His body, the church. 



The curriculum is rooted in the incredible truth that God has come to rescue his children from their own sin through his Son Jesus Christ. It explores the biblical narrative from creation and the fall to Jesus' sacrificial victory on the cross to the promise of a new heaven and earth. GBS is taught in the context of worship through liturgy, song, scripture memory, story presentation, wondering questions, catechesis (teaching of doctrine and the faith), prayer, and many reflective and creative responses geared to a variety of age groups. 


You can read more about the GBS core distinctives, pedagogy and curriculum Overview here:



Year A

GBS Year A is the first and foundational year of God’s Big Story. It is ideally suited for lower elementary aged children, but is easily adapted for a wider age range.
*Year B is currently under development.



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Little Ones

Our Little Ones Curriculum is an introduction to Jesus for children ages 2-3. Each lesson follows a pattern of worship as we sing our praises to the Lord, hear His word and respond to Him in prayer. The same bible story is repeated over three weeks. The first week we read the story from a book, the second week we tell the story using wooden figures and the third week we encourage the children to engage in the story as we act it out together.


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GBS Preschool Curriculum is for children ages 4-5. This curriculum is under development.



Older Kids

GBS 2 and GBS 3 curricula are geared for older kids with increased emphasis on doctrine and studying the Biblical text.




We offer this curriculum to you in the context of a supportive relationship with people who use it regularly. Please contact us if you'd like access to the full materials and if you have any questions!  We want to support and encourage you in this very important ministry to children.