Bible in a Day Seminar


As disciples of Jesus Christ we need to be students of God’s Word.  But the Bible can be daunting and at times puzzling.  This seminar, offered by ANiC clergy, helps participants understand the big story of Scripture – a story in which we all participate. It is a concise way of exploring the Bible to better understand – chronologically and theologically – the main movements of the Biblical narrative.

The seminar goal is to give participants a framework for their own spiritual growth, for further reading and study, for better understanding sermons and Bible studies, for explaining the story of the Bible – and Christianity – to the people in their life.  Bible-in-a-day looks at the key people, events, dialogue and narrative that communicate God’s grand plan and purpose to people in every age.  

For more information and to schedule a seminar in your community, see the Bible-in-a-day seminar 

Contact: The Rev Sean Love