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  History of Realignment in the Communion and in Canada

1-5 February 2009 – Primates meeting in Alexandria Egypt
ANiC’s response to Communique
AAC report to Primates –
The Episcopal Church: Tearing the fabric of communion to shreds

ANiC report to Primates –
The Anglican Church of Canada: Tearing the fabric of communion to shreds

Other documents from the 2009 Primates Meeting:

Windsor Continuation Group Report
Primates’ statement about the Sudan
Primates’ statement about Gaza
Primates' Statement on Zimbabwe

Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCon) calls for new orthodox North American Anglican Province
The historic Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCon) in Jerusalem, 22 - 29 June 2008 issued a statement calling for the formation of a new Orthodox Anglican Province in North America to encompass Anglican churches that have realigned out of the Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church (USA) due to theological and moral disagreements. GAFCon also established a Primates Council mandated with recognizing authentic confessing Anglican jurisdictions, clergy and congregations and developed a unifying theological statement – the Jerusalem Declaration.

August 2008 – The GAFCon Primates Council issued a succinct communiqué following their 20-22 August 2008 meeting, saying the operational structure necessary to sustain the GAFCon movement is taking shape, with a permanent secretariat established in Sydney, Australia.  They wrote
“… that priority will be given to the possible formation of a province in North America for the Common Cause Partnership.” They also invite all who assent to the Jerusalem Declaration to join the movement via the GAFCON website.

> See extensive GAFCon resources

Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) launches new episcopal option, November 2007
ANiC held a landmark conference,
Building on the Solid Rock, on November 22 - 23 to present a new episcopal option for distressed biblically-faithful Canadians under the Primatial authority of Archbishop Hector (Tito) Zavala and the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone.

Primates respond to Anglican Church of Canada’s General Synod
Global South Primates’ statement: The Global South has issued a statement which contains the first reaction from Communion Primates to decisions made by the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) at its recent General Synod. The statement notes the Primates are “dismayed” by the ACC’s decision “that same-sex blessing is not core doctrine” and says the Primates are exploring possibilities for providing pastoral care for faithful Canadian Anglicans wishing to remain in Communion.

February 14-19 2007 Primates meeting in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam Communiqué: The communiqué summarizes the meeting of the Primates and contains a list of recommendations for addressing current tensions.

Network response to Dar Communique: The Anglican Network in Canada responded with gratitude for the work of the Primates and a discussion of the Communique's application to the Anglican Church of Canada.

Covenant draft: This draft was presented to the Primates and, although the Primates have already recommended some changes, it has now been released for further consultation and debate.

Covenant design group report: The Primates discussed four aspects of the Covenant: its content, the process by which it would be received into the life of the Communion, the foundations on which a covenant might be built, and its own methods of working.

Letter from Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone: Bishop Greg Venables discussing the Primates meeting in a letter sent to Southern Cone Anglicans.

Read what Archbishop Orombi had to say to the Anglican Church of Uganda following the Primates meetings.

Windsor process and Panel of Reference report on the Diocese of New Westminster

Windsor Report, October 2004: What do we believe is the will of God for the Anglican Communion? Foreword By The Most Reverend Dr Robin Eames Archbishop of Armagh, Chairman of the Lambeth Commission

Dromantine Communiqué (February 2005) called upon the diocese of New Westminster, the Anglican Church of Canada and ECUSA, to enact a moratorium on same sex blessings and to express regret both for the decisions made and how they were made.

Global South Primates Kigali Communiqué (September 2006) in which they said they were “…greatly encouraged by Network Dioceses and all of the other congregations and communities of faithful Anglicans in North America. In addition, we commend the members of the Anglican Network in Canada for their commitment to historic, biblical faith and practice. We value their courage and consistent witness.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Panel of Reference (December 2006) released its report on the Diocese of New Westminster.

Anglican Network in Canada responses to the Report
The Network’s open letter responding to the Panel’s Report
Bishop Donald Harvey’s letter to AEC members with further analysis of the Panel’s Report

More responses to the Panel of Reference report on the Diocese of New Westminster
Archbishop Gomez, Primate of the West Indies
Archbishop Venables, Primate of the Southern Cone
Archbishop Hutchinson, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada
Diocese of New Westminster
The Anglican Communion Institute’s detailed, thoughtful analysis

Documents related to the history of the crisis in the Anglican Communion

Resolution I:10 from Lambeth 1998 where the Communion's position on human sexuality was clearly defined

Resolution I:10 has been repeatedly reaffirmed as the teaching of the Communion on sexuality, including in a September 2006 letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury

Statement by the Primates meeting in Lambeth, October 16, 2003
in which they initially called for the provision of Adequate Episcopal oversight for biblically-faithful minorities in dioceses and provinces that have rejected the interdependent life of the Communion and seem to be walking apart

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