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  ANiC Newsletter: 17 September, 2012 ... pdf version

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ANiC news

ANiC and ACNA events calendar
Sept 19 – Mr Lyle Lewis to be ordained a deacon at Living Water Anglican Church (Athabasca, AB)
October 12 – Service in Edmonton to recognize transfer of the Rev Robert Gomowed to ANiC
October 14 – The Rev Denys Scully to be ordained a priest at Resurrection (Brandon, MB)
November 4 – Pastor Shafeghat (Christ the Redeemer, North Vancouver) to be ordained a deacon
November 14-16 – ANiC Synod and episcopal election in Ottawa
March 4-6 – ACNA’s 2013 Anglican 1000 church planting summit in Wheaton, IL
March 12-14 – 2013 ANiC Clergy Retreat at Cedar Springs, Washington
April 18-19 – Regional ANiC assemblies in both Vancouver and Burlington
May 13-15 – ACNA clergy women’s retreat in Woodbridge, Virginia
October 2013 – GAFCon 2 (specific dates and location to be announced)

Our condolences
Bishop Stephen and Nona and family are in need of special prayer as they grieve the death of Bishop Stephen’s father, Kin-cheung Leung, in Hong Kong on September 9. Bishop Stephen has canceled plans to spend a two month sabbatical in China and will now devote the time to his mother in Hong Kong. The funeral will take place on September 21 in Hong Kong. Please pray for Bishop Stephen’s family, especially his mother, Grace.

The Rev Liba Straznicky will be ordained by Bishop Don Harvey to the priesthood on September 30 at 4pm. The service, at which Bishop Charlie will be preaching, will be held at Faith Anglican, Cambridge Public School, 2123 Route 500 West, Embrun, Ontario (near Ottawa). All are invited!

New work beginning in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island
The Rev Doug Patstone is beginning to gather a group in the Ladysmith area with the hope that a church plant will result. If you, or someone you know, lives in the area and would like to get involved, please contact Doug at

Pray for Synod 2012
Our synod in Ottawa will mark ANiC’s 5th anniversary as an ecclesial (Church) structure. From two churches, two priest, two deacons and two bishops, we’ve grown to 67 congregations (including forming congregations) and 160 clergy – including six bishops, active and retired.

If you haven’t registered, you can do so now. See our website for full details.

Our moderator Bishop Don Harvey asks that you pray specifically and often for this important electoral synod which will elect our next moderator to take up the mantle of leadership when Bishop Don retires in mid-2014. The Rev Garth Hunt has prepared the following prayer for us to use:

Prayer for ANiC synod 2012
Almighty God, You have demonstrated Your favour and covenant faithfulness to Your people, both in the accounts of Scripture and in the experience of the Church through the centuries. We thank You for Your tender care for ANiC and our local congregations over our brief history.

Visit us, we pray, by Your Spirit with Wisdom and Power at our upcoming Electoral Synod. Preside as Lord and King over all that transpires. Grant discernment and unity to all delegates. Protect us from any snares of the evil one, and may all that is decided be in complete accordance with Your perfect will for ANiC. This we ask in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord. Amen

Parish and regional news
St Matthias and St Luke (Vancouver) will host a Uganda mission presentation September 30 at 1pm. Parishioner, Kurt Petersen, will present his missionary project, Pennies 4 Change, which is designed to serve and minister to Ugandans and share the Gospel. Kurt has a powerful personal testimony and moving accounts of changed lives in Uganda. All are invited. A simple lunch will be served and a free will offering taken to help the work of Pennies 4 Change. More information is available the church website and Facebook page.

St George’s (Burlington, ON) has updated its website. Have a look! And while you are on the website, be sure to see their one-minute video. St George’s has produced a very short, very creative video to simply present the Gospel.

Edmonton, AB – On October 12, Bishop Don will be meeting with a forming congregation in Edmonton which serves primarily Canadians of Filipino origin. The meeting and fellowship time begins at 5:30pm and will celebrate the licencing of the congregation’s pastor the Rev Robert Gomowed. It will be at the Mac Café & Juice Bar, 16615 – 83 Avenue, Edmonton. The congregation already meets weekly, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, in a variety of locations, but is looking for a church facility to rent. Please pray for this forming church.

Christ the King (Toronto, ON) has started a four-month intensive study of Galatians. People in the Toronto area are invited. Please pray with Christ the King parishioners that God will use this study to bring the Good News of freedom in Christ to many in Toronto.

Please email parish news to Marilyn or call 1-866-351-2642 ext 4020.

Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) news

Ugandan Archbishop-elect visits ACNA diocese
Archbishop-elect Stanley Ntagali’s recent visited the US to serve as co-consecrator, alongside ACNA’s Archbishop Bob Duncan who was the chief consecrator, for the first bishop of the newly formed Diocese of the Carolina, Bishop Steve Wood. Ntagali has a long-standing relationship with many in the ACNA and especially Archbishop Bob. The Diocese of Pittsburgh website reports that Ntagali
“has invited Duncan to preach at his enthronement as the Primate of the Church of Uganda on December 16 in Kampala, Uganda. This invitation is part of Ntagali’s vision to strengthen ties between the Anglican Church in North America and the Church of Uganda. “We need to strengthen our relationship with the new Province in North America. I am fully committed to the vision of GAFCON and supporting the Anglican Church in North America,” he says.”

Geographic dioceses
In the current edition of the weekly Anglican Unscripted video, Kevin Kallsen and the Rev George Conger discuss, among other things, ACNA’s steps and missteps in moving toward geographically based dioceses.

Anglican college ministry
There is an initiative afoot to launch an Anglican Campus Fellowship t colleges and universities around North America. This week's short Anglican Perspective video provides insight into the hopes of those involved in this initiative which is designed to
“identify and disciple and recruit young college aged men and women who will become the future church planters, pastors and lay leaders in the Anglican Church in North America”.

For those following the Anglican Mission in America, more articles have been posted, some of which may be unnecessarily harsh in criticizing the various parties:
An unholy mess: Clash of wills, power struggles & theological direction mark AMIA-ACNA struggle
Anglican priest calls on AMiA/ACNA leaders to build united Anglican witness
Pawleys Island, SC: AMiA leader responds to Archbishop Duncan’s letter

Other news in brief

The renewal movements in the Anglican, Presbyterian, and United Churches have combined to present the 13th annual
Renewal Network Conference, "Preparing for God's Renewal", to be held on Saturday, November 10 from 9am to 3:45pm in Chedoke Presbyterian Church, 865 Mohawk Road West, Hamilton, Ontario. The keynote speaker is Dr Brian Irwin. For information or to register, call 416-233=6581 or email

A South Carolina Episcopal Church rector reports that the Anglican Church of Canada’s
Diocese of Fredericton is struggling. The Very Rev Dr Charles Owens was invited to minister at the diocesan clergy retreat. He reports “barring a miracle, two-thirds of the Anglican churches [in the diocese] will close by 2020 and the diocesan structure in place for two centuries will become unsustainable by 2015”. In inviting him to lead the clergy retreat, the bishop had asked that he “present a graceful way forward that would preserve an orthodox remnant with renewed faith in God's provision and a strong sense of mission to others.”

The Vancouver Sun reports that a pair of 17th century Qing dynasty chairs found in the Anglican Church of Canada’s St Matthias (Victoria, BC) fetched $630,000 at auction last week – a “windfall” for the struggling congregation. The people of ANiC’s Christ the King (Victoria) left the St Matthias building and contents behind when they voted to join ANiC in March 2009.

Archbishop of Canterbury – In an interview with the Telegraph, perhaps the last major media interview before he steps down, the Archbishop of Canterbury mentions that “the Church is considering spreading the load to a …“more presidential figure” alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury.” He says this would result in, “…a very different communion, because the history is just bound up with that place, that office. So there may be more of a sense of a primacy of honour, and less a sense that the Archbishop is expected to sort everything.”

The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, Canon Kenneth Kearon, immediately issued a “correction”, saying that
“The opening paragraph of this article is mischievous… There are no such plans [to introduce a president to take on the global leadership role]. The Archbishop of Canterbury simply said in the interview that he could see that in the future there might be some reflection on how the administrative load associated with the Anglican Communion might be better shared. The Anglican Communion has several decision-making bodies, one of which is meeting in a few months' time. Nothing like what this newspaper has suggested is on the agenda."

Canon Phil Ashey of the American Anglican Council says, in his Anglican Perspective video, that Dr Williams has misdiagnosed the problem in the Anglican Communion. While Dr Williams believes the problem is relational and administrative. Canon Ashey says the root problem is doctrinal:
“It is about fundamental denials of the basics of the faith by the Episcopal Church and others…”

Female bishops – The Anglican Communion News Service reports that the Church of England House of Bishops has approved a revision to the draft legislation that would allow women bishops. This legislation will be presented now to General Synod at its next session, November 19-21. The House of Bishops’ revision served to water down safeguards for parishes which cannot accept the ministry of female bishops based on theological conviction. The Rev John Richardson (aka the Ugley Vicar), believes those most negatively affected by the recent revision will be “Conservative Evangelicals”. To succeed, the legislation requires a two-thirds majority in each of the houses of bishops, clergy and laity.

West Africa
The Church of the Province of West Africa is holding a special synod at the end of September to consider splitting the province into two: “"One to contain all the dioceses in Ghana and the other, the rest of the six dioceses in Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cameroon.” The current Primate of West Africa, Archbishop Justice Akrofi retires in October.

In a high-profile address, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh explained that it was only the Christian teaching on the sanctity of life and Christian morality that was holding Christians back from responding in kind to Islamist attacks. He called on the President to act quickly to safeguard the survival of the Nigerian nation and said, “If Nigeria needs to rearrange and separate [into separate Muslim and Christian countries], let it be by a constitutional discussion and agreement, rather than by bloodbath.” In a YouTube video Archbishop Ben Kwashi, whose jurisdiction is at the centre of the violence, discusses the current situation in Plateau State.

An article in the Church of England Newspaper reports that Egyptian Christians leaders, including Anglican Primate Presiding Bishop Mouneer Anis, recently met for a second time with the newly elected president Mohammed Morsi. They
“urged the president to clamp down on sectarian violence… improve the quality of Egypt’s schools… [so that] the new generations… become more tolerant… [and] to ensure… security services apply the “rule of law [fairly in order to] improve public order across the country.” Dr Anis reported that, “In the end, we came out of the meeting very encouraged and determined to do our best in order to see the Egypt that we dream of.”

National Public Radio reports that
“Regional security ministers are meeting in Uganda this week to decide a course of action to try to avert a widening war in eastern Congo.” Rebel groups and militias seem poised to reignite the war that has killed millions in recent years and destroyed the lives and many more.

Many have been praying for Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani who has been imprisoned since 2009 in Iran for his faith. Anglican Ink reports that Pastor Yousef’s charges were overturned and he was released from jail last week. However, we are asked to continue to prayer for the hundreds of other Christians who remain in prison.

Soul food

Evangelism – St George’s (Burlington, ON) has produced a very short, very creative video to simply and effectively present the Gospel. Is there a way you and your church can use this video to reach your friends, family and community?  

Discipling – The current edition of the 9Marks journal focuses entirely on discipling within the church. 9Marks is a ministry dedicated to equipping church leaders.

Church vision – Sydney Anglicans has some inspiration for congregations working on developing a vision for their church.

Youth exodus – The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has released a new study, Hemorrhaging Faith: Why & When Canadian Young Adults are Leaving, Staying and Returning to the Church. It looks at faith from childhood through the young-adult years, touching on spiritual disciplines, family of origin, experience of church, immigration status and more. The report also includes practical steps churches can take to more effectively engage youth and young adults. Copies of Hemorrhaging Faith may be purchased at

The current issue of Faith Today features the report in its story "Hemorrhaging Faith: Why They're Leaving." You can read all the articles in Faith Today online for free at You can sign up to receive email notifications of a new issue of the publication as soon as it is posted at

Decide to grow in faith
To grow in relationship with God, we must be intentional and act. Phillip Harrold, a professor of church history at Trinity School for Ministry which is associated with our province, the ACNA, has an article in the current Christianity Today on catechesis called “Getting to Know Him”.

If you are in the vicinity, why not check out the courses offered by Ottawa Theological College (affiliated with Church of the Messiah, Ottawa) or Saint Matthew’s School of Life and Ministry in Abbotsford, BC?

Details are on the Ottawa Theological College website where you can explore the full curriculum as well as investigate the various certificate, diploma and degree tracks offered. Classes are just getting under way, so act quickly!

Saint Matthew’s School of Life and Ministry will launch classes in early October and are taking registrations now. There will be classes that explore the Jewish roots of Christianity, Anglican traditions and Christian literature. Contact St Matthew’s or register online.

The humanity of the child in the womb
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) has produced a brief video in which EFC legal counsel Faye Sonier comments on the implications of Motion M-312 which will be voted on in Parliament on September 26. The motion proposes that a House of Commons committee study Canada’s current legal definition of “human being.” The EFC offers a sample letter that you can send your MP urging him or her to support the motion.

Biblical teaching on the relationship of husband and wife
With the recent media uproar over its new, but optional, marriage vows, the Diocese of Sydney has seized the opportunity to expand the conversation to discuss the Bible and gender roles. Theologian Phillip Jensen writes,
“Behind the media brouhaha about the word “submission” lies a clash of world views. It is a clash that… exposes something of the difference the gospel makes – not just in theory but also in practice…[T]he debate is about more than words. The words just act as the trigger for the more profound debate about the nature of marriage, of human relationships and of humanity itself… [T]he clash is over the very concept of submitting yourself to anybody or laying down your life for anybody. That is what is so foreign and alien to the materialism, hedonism and individualism that our Western culture values.

[For Christians] marriage is built on the purpose of our Creator in making us as males and females in his image, Christians know how good marriage is. We may have a bad marriage because of human sinfulness, but that doesn’t nullify the good of marriage itself. For Christian marriage is to be an expression of living faithfully in the sacrificial service and willing submission of grace and forgiveness.”

In a second article, Dr Jensen elaborates further on the Bible’s call to husbands to love their wives with the same self-sacrificing love shown by Christ when he gave his all for His bride, the Church. He concludes that
“The Christian bridegroom’s vow to love is not the same as the world’s ‘being in love’. He is not declaring his emotional affection but promising his devoted service. The man who keeps his vow to love like Christ can never try to subjugate his wife.”

Just for laughs
People say I'm weird, but I'm just practicing to become eccentric.

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

"People are never more insecure than when they become obsessed with their fears at the expense of their dreams." ~ Norman Cousins

And now a word from our sponsor
Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing. For
“Whoever desires to love life    and see good days,
let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit;
let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it.
For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer.
But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”

1 Peter 3:8-12 ESV

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