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  News releases 2008

3 December 2008
Anglican Church in North America formed

14 November 2008
Anglican leaders seek to unite North American Churches: Draft Constitution to be Unveiled, Jerusalem Declaration Signed at Dec. 3 Chicago Gathering

19 October 2008
Anglican Network in Canada STATEMENT
Bishop Donald Harvey responds to attack by Bishop of Brandon

19 October 2008
Anglican Church of Canada bishop attempts to prevent Anglican Network in Canada priests from ministering "within the bounds of this Diocese"

19 October 2008
Further information on the decision of St Bede’s Anglican Church to join the Anglican Network in Canada

16 October 2008
Manitoba parish votes to join Anglican Network in Canada

6 October 2008
Letter of Welcome to the Diocese of Pittsburgh from ANiC

5 October 2008
Two more Ontario parishes join Anglican Network in Canada

30 September 2008
To the people of the Diocese of Pittsburgh:
RE: The supposed disposition of Bishop Bob Duncan

28 September 2008
Windsor Ontario parish votes to join Anglican Network in Canada

10 September 2008
Parishes ask court to clarify parish trustees’ responsibilities

5 September 2008
Bishop Don writes the Primates and Archbishop of Canterbury about Diocese’s hostile action against parishes

27 August 2008
Diocese moves to seize control of ANiC parishes

24 July 2008
Common Cause Partners announce plan to seek recognition as a Province

18 July 2008
GAFCON responds to the Archbishop of Canterbury

18 July 2008
GAFCON responds to the Anglican Covenant – St Andrew’s draft

11 July 2008
BC court denies congregation’s request for permission appeal

29 May 2008
B.C. Judge Orders Congregation to Leave their Church Building

21 May 2008
GAFCON Call to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

5 May 2008
Parishioners disappointed by court decision

21 April 2008
Anglican Clergy deny charges

19 April 2008
Anglican Church of Canada chooses litigation over negotiation

April 11 2008
Open Letter to the House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada

5 April 2008
Judge orders B.C. Diocese to allow Victoria parishioners immediate access to their church building after locking them out Friday night

20 March 2008
Parishes remain in their churches for Easter

11 March 2008
The facts about St Chad’s Anglican parish

3 March 2008
Joint statement by the Diocese of British Columbia and the two clergy of St Mary’s (Metchosin)

29 February 2008
Correction of misinformation about women’s ordination

29 February 2008
Parishes Grateful for Interim Court Order

24 February 2008
Three more Anglican congregations take decisive votes

17 February 2008
More Anglican congregations decide their future

16 February 2008
Vancouver Island priests inhibited by Anglican diocese

14 February 2008
Bishop Harvey welcomes St John’s (Shaughnessy)

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