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  ANiC Governance Task Force calls for submissions ... pdf version
All Clergy and Parish Councils,
Anglican Network in Canada

Dear Friends:

Synod has requested that a Task Force be established to “address Anglican polity with a special focus on the relationship between, bishops, diocesan council, Synod, clergy, and parishes.”

Bishop Charlie Masters has appointed the Rev. Dr. Brent Stiller, the Rev. Mike Stewart, and myself to complete this work.

We will be studying issues such as: our transition from a movement to a diocesan structure, how to build trust over huge distances with limited budgets, and how Synod and Council make time to deliberate over choices before us.

We are calling for submissions. They could be a few sentences or several pages. They could come from individuals, parish councils, clergy groups, or any interested cluster of ANiC members.
The responses should be sent to

Submissions will be gathered from mid-April to the end of May. We hope to have the report back to the Coadjutor Bishop by August.

The context of the request for submissions is thankfulness for all that God has accomplished in such a short time in our Diocese. We hope each submission will be a positive response to how we can best fulfill Christ’s mission as we shape our life together.

The Governance Task Force Members have asked these questions to stimulate reflection.

1. How do you see the Diocesan Council relating to the College of Bishops?

2. How do you understand the partnership between Bishops, Synod, and Council?

3. What does it mean for you to be part of a Diocese that has Episcopal leadership?

4. Are there ways our structures can better fulfil Christ’s mission for us?

Please do all you can to encourage wide participation in making submissions. Thank you for your interest and assistance.

+Ron Ferris

The Rt. Rev. Ronald C. Ferris D.D.
Governance Task Force Chair

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