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  “Compelled by Christ's Love”
Network national conference, April 25-26, 2008
... pdf version

Conference report
25 April 2008

New “look” for ANiC
As befitting our new role as an ecclesial organization, we now also have a new logo. This was introduced for the first time today at the conference.

anic logo

The logo incorporates key elements from the Essentials logo that we have identified with for so long – the green cross and Canadian maple leaf – as well as the Common Cause Partners’ logo – the globe. The elements all have important meaning to ANiC and nicely tie together our past and our future.

Conference (selective) report
Bishop Don announced that appointments mentioned in November were now effective, and added a few additions…
Bishop Malcolm is Bishop Suffragan (also Archdeacon responsibilities for the Prairies)
The Rev George Sinclair as Vice-Chair
The Venerable Charlie Masters is Archdeacon
The Venerable Trevor Walters is territorial Archdeacon (West)
The Venerable Desiree Stedman is territorial Archdeacon (Central)
TBD – Archdeacon for the Maritimes (when needed)
Cheryl Chang as Chancellor

Archbishop Greg’s address challenged us to go deeper in our Christian walk, to anticipate and accept suffering as a normal part of the Christian life. If we choose faithfulness and obedience, God can use us in the building of His Kingdom. The Christian life is not humanly possible, but when we are faithful, God is able to perform the miraculous.

Archbishop Greg responded to a question from someone still in the Anglican Church of Canada: “If they are serving healthy food go and eat there. If the food makes you ill, don’t eat there. Asked about church growth and “sheep stealing”, he repeated what he had been told in Australia… “We don’t build fences, we dig wells.”

Dr Packer
As part of the panel commenting on Archbishop Greg’s address, Dr Packer focused on the need for deeper Bible understand among the laity so we are less vulnerable to false teaching and heresy.

Bishop Albert Vun (Diocese of Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia)
Bishop Vun focused on the commitment to discipleship and mission in his diocese. He told us that God cuts off dead branches and prunes the live branches so that they will produce more fruit.

Ken Moser, St John’s Shaughnessy Youth Minister
Ken told us that most church youth experts have now determined that youth ministry is a dismal failure. The youth are entertained, but not discipled, and fall away from the church. He said young people today are desperate for meaning, for community, for involvement and for adult involvement in their lives. They don’t need more entertainment, more programming, more pleasure and stimulation. Effective youth ministry is not about quantity, but quality. It’s is about discipling the youth already in your church so they can reach their friends.

The evening service was youth-focused with a large turnout of teens and young adults. The youth lead the music and much of the service. Among other activities, they interviewed Archbishop Greg, showcasing our Primate’s latent stand-up comedy skills.
Bishop Bill Atwood then gave the homily.

Bishop Bill Atwood, Province of Kenya
Bishop Bill highlighted four principles:
1. Cry out to God and ask him to supply a spiritual mentor, a Paul, in your life.
2. Look for a Timothy, someone whose life you can speak into and disciple.
3. Find a Barnabus who will walk with you and encourage you through the dark days.
4. Ask God for a Silas, a person who will speak truth and correction into your life – a prophet. (If you are speaking truth into someone else’s life, ensure it comes from a humble heart, not a “gotcha” or judgmental attitude.)

Calling those who are attending the conference
We need people to provide reports to the blog during and after the conference. Also, if you have good photos, please send them for use on the blog and to the website.

Conference coverage on the website
Photos will be posted to the conference pages on the website. Within a week or so, we hope to also post video of the conference sessions. We also are producing DVDs of conference highlights. You can download an order form off the website

Media coverage
The media interest in the conference has been strong. Archbishop Greg and Bishop Don have been run ragged responding to media requests for interviews. Today, we held a media briefing during the lunch break so reporters could ask their questions as a group – and use Archbishop Greg’s time more efficiently.

Prayer requests
Please remember tomorrow in prayer. The morning session will focus on Evangelism in a Western post-modern society. The afternoon will be the culminating celebration service at which the priests will receive their permanent licences from Bishop Don under the jurisdiction of the Southern Cone. ANiC parishes will also be commissioned to pursue with new energy the mission Christ gave His church.

While we in ANiC churches are celebrating, we want to be sensitive to and support our biblically faithful colleagues who remain in ACoC churches.

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