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In extending greetings to you all for a wonderful New Year blessed with good health, much happiness, and progress in our ministry, I also take pleasure in making the following announcements, all of which become effective on January 1, 2013.

Boundary Change
Having received a request from the Parishes at Brandon, Dauphin and Kinosota, the House of Bishops has decided to grant these three parishes permission to transfer from the Western area of our Diocese to the Eastern. The original boundary line (Ontario / Manitoba boarder) had been set hastily, without consultation, and entirely on the basis of geography. This change applies to these three parishes only, who will continue to be under the Archdeaconal jurisdiction of Archdeacon Paul Crossland.

Archdeaconry boundaries will be reviewed from time to time, in consultation with the Archdeacons involved.

Parish Status
It gives me much pleasure to advise that the congregation of All Saints', Rutland, Vermont, which has been part of the outreach extension of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Marlborough, has complied with all of the conditions to become a Parish in its own right. Its Mission Priest, Father Dwight MacPherson (whom many of you know from his faithful attendance at Synods) becomes its first Rector as of January 1, 2013.

In welcoming this new Parish, we congratulate them on their sound, dramatic growth in a relatively short time, in an area that is economically depressed. We also thank the “parent” church, Holy Trinity for its wise and faithful leadership and support in bringing this about. Already, our newest parish is planning to be a “church eager to plant a church” and in so doing will be an inspiration to us all.

New Appointments
Since we do not have a Cathedral or a Cathedral Chapter, we have not had opportunity to confer the title Canon on any of our clergy. However, His Grace, Archbishop Duncan, has pointed out to me that it is quite in order for a Diocesan Bishop to appoint Diocesan Canons, at his discretion. Such titles usually are given to recognize people who had done
outstanding work at a Diocesan Level over and above their work in a particular parish.

I have decided to honour two such persons in this manner. Unlike Archdeacons, they will not be assigned extra duties or areas of responsibility and will hold their title as long as they are members of the Diocese. If they retire while in our Diocese, they retain their title.

The Reverend George Sinclair, Rector of the Parish of the Messiah in Ottawa, has been with ANiC and its precursors (Essentials, etc) since the beginning and has held many leadership roles. He has used his gifts freely in developing our Constitution and Canons, and has been instrumental in holding up a vision as to what we have been called to become. When I first became involved with our Movement, George already was a veteran in the field, challenging many of us “to give and not to count the cost”.

The Reverend Tom Carman, Rector of St. Aidan's in Windsor, has held the role of Diocesan Registrar for several years. Using his amazing organizational skills (as well as his familiarity and competence with computer technology), he has developed a set of files and records that are quite outstanding, especially since he is doing it in a Diocese that spans a whole continent! As Diocesan Bishop I have come to rely on him extensively when we plan Ordinations and record Episcopal events. The work involved is painstaking and demanding.

Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, it is not my intention to add to this number during the remainder of my tenure.
Both Canon George Sinclair and Canon Tom Carman, assume their titles and positions as of January 1, 2013.

Please join me in offering thanksgiving for these two faithful servants whom we honour in this way.

The Right Reverend Donald F Harvey
Bishop and Moderator

December 28, 2012

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