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  Tribute to John Stott
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5 August, 2011

To the People of God assembled at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Vancouver.

Greetings in the Name of our Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ

Shortly after the death of our brother Dr. John Stott was announced last week , I was informed by Bishop Stephen Leung of his desire to have a Memorial Service for this great champion of our Faith. I am very pleased that he has been able to translate this wish into action and that tonight you are gathered to offer thanksgiving to Almighty God for the tremendous influence this disciple has had on the lives of so many people during the difficult eras of the twentieth century.

Not only was John Stott a superb and gifted teacher, he also was a follower of the message he so ably professed. Many of you who are gathered here today in Vancouver can testify to the life changing impact he had on individuals as well as the Church in general.

Our own Diocese of the Anglican Network in Canada owes much to the firm and courageous positions he took on Holy Scripture and the importance of not just acknowledging but also witnessing to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

During his farewell tour of Canada some years ago now, I had the honour of introducing John Stott to an interdenominational group gathered to hear his teaching. Although I only was in his presence for an hour or so, I came away with the full awareness that I had been in the presence of a person who walked with Jesus and was able to profess his relationship on an intellectual as well as an emotional level.

So many of us would like to be with you for this service today, but are kept from it for obvious reasons. By way of compensation, I have requested that on Sunday coming special acts of thanksgiving will be offered in ever church in our Diocese.

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Blessed Lord when we are reminded of the incredible vision of Jesus in His Heavenly Splendour afforded to Peter, James and John. We can offer thanks to God for another John, our brother John Stott, for giving us, through his writing and teaching, a glimpse of that splendour as well.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory!


The Right Reverend Donald F Harvey
Bishop and Moderator

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