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  Bishops Stephen & Trevor’s call to ANiC’s regional assemblies in Vancouver
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February 11, 2013

Clergy, Wardens, and Parish Delegates:

We, Bishops, Stephen Leung and Trevor Walters, welcome you in Christ to join the ANiC Regional Assemblies April 17-20 2013, held at the Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd Vancouver. The Asian and Multicultural Ministries in Canada (AMMiC) Assembly and the Western Region Assembly will convene in the same location, share distinguished guest speakers from overseas, and celebrate a deepening regional fellowship. The purpose of the Assemblies, according to Bishop Don Harvey, Moderator Bishop of ANiC, in his charge to the Synod 2011 and thereafter acclaimed by Synod resolution, is for us to experience what it would be like to be a Regional Diocesan Synod for future determination in growing our large National Diocese into multiple missionary Dioceses. This gathering is of course also a time of togetherness in order to encourage and support one another in our mission and gospel proclamation.

We have invited a distinguished group of speakers from different parts of the world. Bishop Albert Vun, a renowned cell group architect, will bring his rich experiences in cell group ministry with respect to church growth in the Diocese of Sabah, Malaysia. Rev. John Coles, leader of the International New Wine organization, will inspire us to make room for the Holy Spirit to equip and strengthen our churches. Bishop Abraham Nhial, Diocese of Aweil, an advocate for the Lost Boys of Sudan, will speak on how to reach out to Sudanese and other African immigrants in Canada, as well as share escape stories firsthand. Dr. Saimond Ip, from Hong Kong, a businessman, a seminary mentor of youth pastors and himself a youth pastor of 400 young people, will present the topic “Firefighting to Continuous Growth: lessons from 20 successful church-based youth ministries.”

In addition to inspiring international speakers, we have recruiting talent from our own ranks to lead workshops that will help us better understand and communicate with the “alien” culture in which we are seeking to plant and grow churches. The Rev Chris Zoephel, lay pastor Neil Van Heerden, and the Rev Josh Wilton are leading a two-hour workshop.

As Synod delegates, you are committed to attend the Assemblies. Parish leaders and members are encouraged to register for the Assemblies, to participate in this common life and learning opportunity. In our commitment to bring our ANiC people together, the AMMiC and Western Regions will subsidize the attendants coming from outside British Columbia.

Also, invite your parish and other friends to attend the open Sessions, Thursday and Friday at 7 PM and Saturday full day. Please check out details of the Assemblies on the ANiC website

The Church calls you to assemble, as the united ANiC family, to hear God’s word, to share in the life of the wider church, to form the mind of Christ and to foster church growth across Canada.

Servants of Christ,

Bishop Trevor Walters
Suffragan Bishop,
Western Region
Bishop Stephen Leung
Suffragan Bishop,
Asian & Multicultural Ministries

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