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  Special (Electronic) Synod – June 23, 1 pm EDT

A Special Synod on 23 June 2012 attended to matters which needed to be completed prior to our November 2012 synod.

Specifically, the meeting passed a resolutions to:
Amend the canons, allowing all Deacons who are licensed to parish ministry to have the same voting privileges as other clergy.
Allow our existing American parishes voting privileges.
Add certain provisions to the Canons, which were inadvertently left out of the Canons as presented to Synod in November 2011. These are housekeeping and grammatical items, which are required to be duly approved and registered by Industry Canada.

This is the first time ANiC has used electronic meeting capabilities and we were very pleased with the result. While technology will never completely replace face-to-face meetings, it allowed us to hold this brief meeting at a fraction of the cost and with minimal inconvenience to members of synod.

Synod members were provided with the following documents prior to synod.

> Notice of Special Synod from ANiC’s moderator
> Resolution for consideration by Synod
> Instructions for participating in the Special (electronic) Synod
> Q&A
> Register for Special Synod

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